Being Persistent

So, to continue the story…

I had just officially re-met Steph and really liked what I saw and heard. I wanted to find out more. So I did what any person would do in that scenario and try to talk to her more.
I slowly started to talk to her more on Facebook. Then I moved onto texting. Then I got up the guts to call her.
The whole problem with all of this is that I think she was somewhat ignoring me. I don’t think she was ignoring me for the fact that she didn’t enjoy talking with me. I think it was more for the fact that she had no idea who I really was and what I was all about.
I specifically remember calling her while I was in New Orleans in early February of 2009. I was there for work at a Tradeshow and called her up during my lunch just to see how she was doing. I definitely caught her off guard. I could hear the uncertainty of what she was doing in her voice.
A week after the trade show I really tried to get a hold of her. I tried to text, call and facebook message. Every way I knew how. I got nothing in return. She didn’t really answer me at all. I felt like I was sort of spinning my wheels a bit.
But then one day that changed…To be continued

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