Steph and I have been dealing with a lot of changes lately. On top of being engaged trying to figure out everything with regards to the wedding, I have been traveling a lot and have been gone, and we have been house hunting.

I have been traveling a lot because of my job. We have been testing the robot in Naples, Fl for the past few months and are continuing that in order to perfect the mower. This is really the first time Steph and I have had to deal with being away from each other for an extended period of time. It has been pretty difficult to try and keep up with everything that is going on in our lives because of the traveling. We are learning a lot about each other and how to deal with being apart from each other. I really think this is helping us grow and teaching us how to communicate better.
On the other front, we are keeping our options open as far as living situation once we get married. I currently own a townhome near downtown Indianapolis and we both really like it there. However, because of the given housing market, we are both open to seeing if there is any better homes out there for us. I am confident we can sell my place as two of my neighbors just sold identical units to mine with relative ease. So we aren’t to worried about that.
So far I have done a lot of searching online and we have both went with our realtor, Tony Papalia, to look at some homes around Indy. Our main criteria for moving is that it definitely has to be an investment home and one that we would be able to make money off of eventually. We aren’t going to move just because we want to, but more because it is a place that we know we could sell in 5 years or so for a good profit. The other main criteria we have is that it has a decent size yard for Digby, the dog.
We have found one foreclosure that we both are really excited about the possibilities. It is a very unique place, not a prototypical home, but we like it. My dad said it is a place that feels and looks like it should be Colorado on the slopes. We both love it and are just trying to figure out the finances and get some estimates on costs to fix things up over time. Hopefully everything can work out great and we would live in that house to start off our marriage.
So that’s what has been going on. Lots of changes for us, but it is an exciting time for Kime, and future Kime. We will keep everyone posted through this on what we are up to. Look for more info on the wedding soon…

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