I love Sundays…

…with Justin πŸ™‚

Why are Sundays so great??
Have you ever stopped to think about the weekend? And how you spend each day (or section of each day, i.e. Fri. night, Sat. day, Sat. night, Sun. morning, Sun. afternoon?)?
In general, I think Sundays are the best part of the weekend. Here’s a list of all the reasons I like Sundays:
1. I like getting up and getting ready for church (I’m suddenly more of a “morning person” on this day).
2. I sitting next to Justin at church.
3. I like seeing friends at church and catching up with them.
4. I like Sunday lunches with Justin… and just relaxing. Not rushing from one place to the next -but relaxing.
5. I like talking about the sermon with Justin during Sunday lunches.
6. I like turning on football in the fall/winter. Or Nascar races in the spring (and this started even before I met Justin, thanks to my dad!) Or Golf… (Justin turns this on and I almost immediately fall asleep!)
7. I like cleaning with Justin on Sunday afternoons. I’m glad I like this now, because I feel like I won’t like this at some point in my life!
8. I love Sunday naps!
9. I absolutely LOVE popcorn and dessert for Sunday dinner!!
10. The best part is just relaxing. Not thinking about a “long” work-week ahead, but just relaxing. And I love just relaxing and “being a bum” with Justin πŸ™‚
Sundays are so different from Fridays or Saturdays. I think there is hype on Saturdays to be productive. Well, great. It’s great to have a day like that. But it’s even better to have a day to relax and rejuvenate.
So there you go. I love Sundays! And I especially love spending Sundays with Justin πŸ™‚

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