"When you know, you know…"

Yep, you got it – I found the perfect man to marry! πŸ˜‰
ANNNDD – I found the perfect dress to marry him in! πŸ™‚

This past weekend I went wedding dress shopping with my mom, two sisters (Jessica and Kate), cousin Brittany, and Aunt Donna. We all met up in Reading, Ohio on Benson Ave. There are numerous bridal stores along this road in Reading and girls from all over “go to Reading” to get their wedding dresses. There are just soooo many dresses in these stores that you’re bound to find “the one.”

When I was talking to my mom the week before, I mentioned to her that I was not going to buy a dress this weekend… I was only going “to look.” My mom (being the mom that she is) quickly informed me not to narrow the day to “just looking.” Her [nearly exact] advice was, “when you know, you know.” Needless to say, she was right – although I did throw my own little twist in there.

We started the day with a 10am appointment at Cincinnati Bride. I brought my binder of ideas with me and showed Courtney (my wedding dress “assistant”) what type of styles I liked. For the sake of surprise, I’m not going to mention what I liked – or what anything looked like. Justin will just have to wait and see all of that. Courtney pulled about 7 dresses for me to try on…
I really liked the first dress. Didn’t like the second dress at all. LOVED the third dress. Tried on three more dresses. Didn’t like any of them. Tried the first dress back on. Didn’t like it anymore. Tried the third dress back on, and LOVED IT. I bought the third dress at the first store I went to. It took approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes. We were finished by 1:00pm. For anyone that knows me, that is a really quick decision for me, considering that I can never make decisions that quickly.
We kind of played with the dress and accessorized. I think I know how I want to accessorize it for the wedding day. I’m kind of being vague, but I don’t want Justin to know what it will look like at all – and he doesn’t know anything yet. And I’ll keep it that way until our wedding day!
In the midst of my day of shopping, Justin was flying down to Florida. He boarded the plane around 11:30am (and text me before take-off… I was putting on the first dress in the dressing room when I was texting him back). His plane landed around 1:20pm and he text me, which is when I informed him that I had bought a dress. I think I shocked him a little bit! πŸ™‚ He knows that I don’t make decisions that quickly…
So, after buying the dress, I had a minor freak-out. We all went to lunch and re-fueled. It had been a long morning of shopping. I had boughten a dress, but didn’t feel that settled. In reality, I hadn’t tried on many dresses. I bought the third one that I tried on! That intimidates me! So, I got grumpy and began stressing out. I didn’t think it was supposed to be that easy. My mom suggested going to one more store and trying on more dresses (just to make sure). I reluctantly (and thankfully!) agreed to do so. After trying on more dresses, I was completely confident with my decision. It made me fall in love with my dress even more. πŸ™‚
I, without question, love my dress. I can’t wait to get it tailored. I can’t wait to show Justin. I can’t wait to wear it all day on our wedding day (whenever we finally set a date!). And I can’t wait to have tons of pictures taken in it that I’ll have forever.
I didn’t give my mom enough credit. And I apologize if (and when) I was unpleasant. Or a bride-zilla. That will NOT happen again. Weddings are supposed to be fun, not stressful.
So I’d like to end on this note (brace yourself, Mom): My mom was right when she said, “When you know, you know.” πŸ™‚ Thanks for making the day special and memorable.

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  1. Stephanie,
    How exciting is it to have your dress selected!?!! It is HUGE! I just saw that the date is October 2nd. which, on a totally selfish note, is perfect for us, because we always travel to the midwest for my granddaughter, Cloe's, birthday. October can be a beautiful time of year, especially early on. Maybe you will have a little Indian Summer during that time. The colors should be beautiful as well. We are looking forward to meeting you, in person, not just with Skype! We will be in Elkhart July 7-12, and I have heard there may be a shower for you! Glad to know the blog is here. xo future Aunt Vickie

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