Where we "re-met"

I’m going to continue the “SWest side story” of how Justin and I met…

I left off with the Butler basketball game in November of 2008. Like I said before, Justin stood me up. During halftime (when we were supposed to meet up), I went to the upper-level aisleway (below the section 23 sign) and text Justin. I thought we were going to meet each other. Nope. That didn’t happen. That is the first and last time I will ever be stood up!
From that point on, I was a little turned off by the whole situation – or meeting Justin [again] in general. For the next two months, Justin asked me to meet him for dinner, coffee or something along those lines. I declined. I wanted to meet up with him in a very public place with the ability to “escape” – like a basketball game. Plus, he stood me up – so I didn’t want to dedicate time to a dinner with someone that might leave halfway through the meal or something. Well, not really. But you get what I mean… I was a little skeptical.
Despite not meeting him at that point, we continued to talk on Facebook chat and just get to know each other a little more.
I clearly remember talking to him at one point during my Christmas break of 2008. I was laying halfway under the Christmas tree (don’t ask – it’s just what I do at Christmastime) with my laptop and was online. At this point in time, I had been a business major for a semester, but I still wasn’t sure if business was my “calling.” I wasn’t sure if I should switch to teaching – which is something that I would like to do [one day]. I remember talking to Justin about this and getting his advice (since he was a marketing major – like me!). He encouraged me to stick with it… but mainly, he just read what I typed. That’s his specialty: listening. Not only did we talk about school, but we also talked about trying to meet up again. Yes, I was onboard with the idea. I had talked to him for two more months after being stood up – so why not go ahead and meet him?!
We agreed to meet for coffee on Sunday, January 4th. In all honesty, I didn’t want to meet for dinner because I didn’t know whether we would “hit it off” or not. So I wasn’t prepared for a potentially awkward encounter. After writing this, I’m realizing how little faith I put in God up until this point. He knew His plan for me along though!
The night before we were supposed to meet for coffee, I decided to change it up a bit. I got a little uncomfortable with the idea of just meeting Justin for coffee. I felt a little “unsafe” about it since we didn’t know each other at all. I didn’t know if he was potentially a “creepy person,” so I made another proposition.
Instead of meeting for coffee, I asked Justin if he would meet me at my church. What better (and safer) way to meet someone than at church?! Justin agreed to meeting at church. 🙂
On Sunday morning, I was running late… big surprise. I hurried into church and say Justin standing to one side. I couldn’t miss him because he’s so tall! I will never forget what he looked like that morning. Nor will I ever forget what he looked like that very first time I saw him.
There are no words for the memory of first seeing him after years of assuming what he looked/acted like. That picture of him standing there waiting for me is forever implanted in my brain. I was attracted and intrigued by this person that I’d only know through written words. To my surprise (and satisfaction!), he was just like I had pictured him. He says he’s not good with words, but he is. Everything that had led up to this point was in words – and those words were so close to the person he actually is and what he stands for.
So that’s what led to us “re-meeting” and where we re-met. I wish I could say that we started dating right after that, but we didn’t. I was still a little skeptical, but thanks to Justin’s persistence – we started dating not too long after that day.
More details about our encounter at church will come in my next post… 🙂

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