An update on the bittersweet feelings of leaving college…

It’s hard to believe how much time as passed since I last wrote a blog post – life has been busy! Last week was my last week of classes, so it was a very busy week. I’m so glad it’s over! I spent this past weekend trying to catch up on lost sleep (which they say you can’t reallydo, but I like to think I can!). I just tried to de-compress.

This week, I have 2 finals (which will not be “stressful”) and then I’m DONE! I don’t know what to think about being finished with college… it’s definitely a bittersweet feeling to know that I worked for something so hard for 4 years (the “bitter” part) and now it’s over and I have a job (the “SWEET” part!!)
Yes, you read that right – I do have a job!!! And I’ll be using my Marketing degree (which I think my dad is pretty pumped about!). I’ll be working at Compendium – the company where I had both of my internships this year. I will hold the job title of a Marketing Coordinator – so I’ll be working in the Marketing dept. I’m so excited and relieved to have a job right out of college. I am truly blessed. I will starting my job on May 17th. WooHoo!!
This is all that I am going to update on at the moment… I’m trying to hold onto these bittersweet college feelings at the moment. I’ll update everyone on wedding information either tonight or tomorrow?! I have a lot more free time on my hands now… if you can’t tell? 🙂

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