Blueberry muffins!

A few weeks ago, Justin and I ate dinner at Jeff & Adrienne Reichanadter’s. Adrienne made these delicious blueberry muffins – and I couldn’t help but try the recipe myself. So yesterday I decided to bake!
The recipe is really simple to make, isn’t too time-consuming, and involves basic ingredients that most everyone has. I used a frozen bag of blueberries (because they’re cheaper!, and because fresh blueberries aren’t quite in season yet).
I’m sharing the link to the recipe – it’s a Pillsberry recipe: Streusel-Topped Blueberry Muffins.
I love having the free time this week. I have spent it cleaning/packing up my room, baking, having arts and crafts time, trying to start running, hanging around my house, and spending time with Justin when he gets off of work! It has been such a great week – so refreshing and relaxing.
On a little side note, I graduate this Saturday morning – and then my family and Justin’s parents are going out the lunch together. Then, my parents are going to meet Marcia and Jim (the family that I am living with this summer) after that. It should be a really fun day!! I’m so excited to graduate and share the day with my family 🙂

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