The RG3 (robot) Explained

So most of you probably know that I work for Precise Path and we have created a robotic greensmower. I figured I would explain it a little more for everyone so that you can understand what I am doing on a daily basis.

So it is a robot. Now I know everyone has a different concept of what a robot is. Some people think of Data from Star Trek. Some people think of Wall-E. And some people think of a military bomb defusing robots. When you think of all these different things, it gets

sort of confusing as to what a robot really is. So here is what the Precise Path RG3 is in a nutshell.

The RG3 is a completely autonomous (meaning no humans controlling it) machine that mows a golf course green. It uses Precise Path’s own positioning system to guide itself across the green.
That positioning system is not GPS (global positioning system) it is a LPS (local positioning system). Basically it uses sound and light to communicate with 4 beacons (lantern looking things that act as mini satellites) which are set up around the green.
The first time that a course would want to use a RG3, there would be a one time set up where the Precise Path implementation team (myself and a couple of other guys) would install 4 platforms around the green which the beacons sit on. Then the beacons would be placed out on the platforms and the robot would be put into training mode. At that time I would manually steer the robot around the edge of the green so it can learn the edge of the green.
That’s it.
That is all you need to do in order to use the RG3 from then to eternity.
The RG3 remembers the green shape and thus will never mow anything outside of that shape. It creates path plans every time it starts to mow a green. All an operator has to do is place the 4 beacons onto the platforms that are installed and then come back to the robot. The operator would then search for the beacons so that it knows what green it is on. Then the operator just pushes start. That simple.
In my next post I will explain what I have been up to lately at work and how golf courses are using the RG3.

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