Wedding photography update!

I said that I would update everyone on some of the latest news last week, but I ended up with the flu and wasn’t quite up for typing. I wasn’t really up for anything except sleeping. The only comforting thing about being sick is that I have the most amazing fiance ever to take care of me. He makes sure I get enough sleep, drink plenty of fluids, makes me chicken noodle soup, sits with me while I sleep, calls and checks on me while he’s at work, and is so attentive and caring whenever I don’t feel well. He’s amazing 🙂
Anyway, I promised a wedding photography update, so here it is: We have a photographer! Woohoo! This was probably a month or two long process, and at the end of it we found someone in Cincinnati that we are very comfortable with. Her name is Kim Long, and she’s a photojournalist. We wanted to have a photojournalist because Justin and I both want the day to be documented like a story, which is what photojournalists do. We wanted someone that would capture all of the moments, feelings, and emotions throughout our wedding day – and we believe Kim Long will do just that.
Kim has great wedding experience; she has been featured in The Knot’s wedding magazine, in addition to being an ‘International Award Winning Wedding Photojournalist.’ She has also shot weddings at Krippendorf before (the place where we’re getting married), so she “knows the ropes.” It was funny how we stumpled upon Kim. The story is pretty great and worth repeating, so here it goes….

It all started with this picture:

When Justin and I were first searching for a venue, we came across this photo on website. We loved the rustic look of that cabin in the background and thought that if we could find out where that place was, then we would seriously consider getting married there – that was exactly the type of location we wanted for our wedding. Well, the website did not give us any information on where that venue was, or even who the photographer was that shot the wedding. Justin and I thought that if we could find out who the photographer was, then we could contact her to find out where that location was. Needless to say, we didn’t find out either of those things and in the meantime we ended up falling in love with Krippendorf (which is where we’re going to be married!).
A few weeks ago we met with Kim Long in Cincinnati to look through some of her sample wedding albums to see if we liked how she constructed them. While browsing through one of the albums, we stumpled across that photo! We found the photographer that shot that wedding with the rustic looking building in the background!! We then asked her where that rustic building was located. Brace yourself – that rustic building is on the premises of the Krippendorf Lodge. What are the odds?! Needless to say, Justin and I will have to get our wedding party together and get a photo taken in front of that building!

We chose Kim Long to be our “photojournalist” because we really like her photography style. Aside from the practical reasons why we chose Kim Long, I must admit that there is a great deal of coincidence that I love in the whole scenario. I feel like God is helping us make these decisions – He’s making it so clear. Kim is a great photographer and we love her style. We’re excited to see how our wedding pictures turn out – and even more excited to be married 🙂

That is all the wedding news that we have at the moment. I’m sure there will be much more to come in the near future. I’m going home to Cincinnati next week and my mom and I are going to try to get a few things done. Top of the list: bridesmaid dresses and flowers!

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  1. Steph I love this post. You and Justin are amazing me every day with your willingness to wait on God to lay things out for you. It brings tears to my eyes every time I read one of your posts. I love you both very much and can't wait to call you my daughter (even though I already think of you that way).

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