Where does the time go?

It feels like yesterday I was waving good-bye to my parents standing in front of my dorm room at Butler. Now, four years later I’m sitting at home in Cincinnati reflecting on my college experience at Butler. I absolutely cannot believe how quickly the time went by.
Last week, I attended a Graduation Celebration for graduates. During this time, we had a champaign brunch with the President of Butler, Bobby Fong, along with hors d’ourves, and a reflection moment from our freshman year. Apparently during welcome week of our freshman year, we each had to write a letter to our future selves. My letter contained a lot of concern for my future and my career choice in the medical field. Obviously, that didn’t quite work out because I ended up graduating with a Marketing degree – not a Physician Assistant degree (which was what I originally set out to complete)!
I think that that moment truly showed me how quickly time flies. In the blink of an eye, I graduated.
My graduation day was so memorable. I’ll never forget how windy and cold all day long! When I walked into Hinkle Fieldhouse, I spotted my family right away. I saw my youngest sister, Kate, waving to me first. Then saw everyone else. It was such a comforting feeling to know right where my family was. 🙂 Graduation was three hours long, and honestly, it all went by so quickly and seems like a blur when I think about it. Walking up on stage to review my diploma and hearing my name called was such an amazing feeling!
I am so thankful that my grandparents were all able to be there, as well as Justin’s parents (and obviously Justin and my family were all there).
That being said, my parents met Justin’s parents at my graduation… and everything went well! I’m so glad that they were finally able to meet each other. I’m sure that they will meet many more times in the future!
After graduation we all went to Binkley’s for lunch. We had a great lunch just talking and celebrating! 🙂 I love Binkley’s – it’s a Butler favorite. After lunch, we went a little north to Westfield, IN and visited with my 95 year old great-grandmother. She’s in a rehab facility for the time being – so we’re all praying that she’s able to get stronger there so that she can be a little more active again. Then after that (we were busy!), we went to Marcia and Jim’s home in Carmel so that my parents could meet Marcia, Jim, and their boys. Marcia and Jim have graciously offered me to live with them until October 8th (the big day!) – so that’s where I’ll be living for the time being. Let me know if you’d like my new address.

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