And we now have: music

Here’s a little wedding update on the entertainment side of things.

After months of patiently waiting to find a DJ/band to play at our wedding, we have (yet again) encountered God’s greatness. In the midst of our search (and sometimes lack of search), we have found a DJ to play at our wedding. For those of you from Cincinnati, you may be familiar with “Rockin’ Ron” from Oldies 103.5 – which is who will be entertaining at our wedding 🙂
Ron Schumacher is a family church friend from Cincinnati. Originally, we thought that Ron had scheduled another wedding for October 8th. Lucky for Justin and I, Ron’s plans fell through with that other wedding and he was back on the market.
This is the part where I just want to share how perfect God’s timing is. I had been asking my parents to call Ron for a few weeks to see if he could give us any recommendations, so finally my mom gave the Schumachers a call. Coincidentally, that day the Schumachers found out that Ron no longer would be doing the other wedding – so he was available to DJ at our wedding!
Talk about coincidence!
I know that some people don’t think that Justin and I are making enough decisions quick enough – I’m not blind to everyone else’s anxiety 🙂 But I think that the stories that have led to our decisions are so meaningful. Everything from the venue to the photographer to the DJ, etc have all been held in God’s plan. The “patience part” is the key to unveiling those plans. Being open to God’s Will makes decision-making much clearer.
The next big piece of news is that we ordered the bridesmaid dresses!! We have finalized the bridesmaid dress color: fatique. Sounds kind of rough, but it’s really a soft olive color. It should look really nice against the fall palette. So I’m excited to see those dresses this weekend when I’m in town (they were ordered online from and are being delivered on Friday). The best part about the dresses is that I have been keeping my eye on them for about 4 months now. They were originally $220. They finally were put on sale last Thursday evening for only $150 – and I got an additional 20% off of that because I had a coupon. I think that this, again, goes to show God’s perfect timing, and how you should let God have His hand on the situations that you face.
We have an engagement shoot scheduled for this Saturday morning and I have a bridal shower in Cincinnati Saturday afternoon. We’ve been calling bakeries to schedule time for cake testing, etc – which will be fun! We’ve got two scheduled for Saturday morning on July 3rd. Can you say: cake for breakfast?
Also, I’m trying to finalize a florist in Cincinnati. I know next-to-nothing about flowers and would really like to find someone that can translate my jibberish into a pretty flower bouquet or arrangement. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!
Ok, that’s all for now. More updates to follow shortly!

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  1. The faith you and Justin have in God and his perfect plan for your life is SO UPLIFTING!! And you know I love the fact that you are documenting this journey and sharing it with all of us along the way. So glad everything is falling into place, can't wait to see the engagement pics!


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