Engagement Pictures

So for those of you who have been keeping up to date with us and what we have been up to, you know we had two engagement photo shoots. In case you didn’t hear how this happened here is the lowdown. We were originally going to have Maike Tillen, a member of our house church and good friend, be our photographer for the wedding. She is a professional and does an amazing job. Anyway, Ronald, also a member of our house church, a month or so after we got engaged he decided that it was about time him and Maike got hitched. And then the weekend that they wanted to get hitched was the same weekend we did. Just worked out that way, and both Steph and I are really happy for them and are really bummed we can’t make it to their wedding.

Anyway, so we lost our photographer for the wedding. We had to scramble a bit and find another one and that is when we came across Kim Long. I think Steph described how that all came about in an early post. Well, we had our engagement session with her not to long ago because that came as a part of the package we got. Steph and I were both really excited to have the shoot and had a great time doing it. We both think that the pictures turned our fantastic and can’t wait for Kim to shoot our wedding. Here is the link to some of our engagement photos on her blog… http://kimlongphotographyclients.com/blog/?p=3351.
Then, our friend Maike, decided to branch out on her own and asked us if she could do an engagement shoot with her for her portfolio. We of course said yes and BAM…Just like that we had two engagement shoots in the matter of a few days. Here is Maike’s blog of our shoot…http://mrinaye.wordpress.com/2010/07/09/steph-justin-photogenic/. Also, Maike and Ronald are moving to Elkhart, so if you need a great photographer get in touch with her. She is awesome at her job.
So there you go, all the pictures you can handle. We both are so blessed to have had this opportunity to have our picture taken. We now have some amazing pictures that we will cherish forever. Thanks again to Maike and Kim. You worked some serious magic to make us look that good.

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