Kate’s Birthday and A Big Step…

This past weekend we went to Cincinnati to get some wedding things done with Steph’s family, but we also got the pleasure of being there for Kate’s birthday. As you can see from the video, it was quite the party…ha.

The cake was made by Jess and was great. The thing she made it in was pretty cool. You can make a house, a dog, and a whole bunch of other stuff with it. Anyway, Steph and I got Kate some Tom’s Shoes. She loved them and wore them all over the place the next day. She also got some colored duck tape. I don’t know what the deal is with duct tape, but I am now wearing a blue duct tape bracelet. Supposedly kids are obsessed with making things out of duct tape. Who knew you could keep kids so entertained for so cheap. I will have to remember that for when I have kids.

Other news is that this morning Steph and I got our marriage license. So we are all set and ready to go to make this thing official. We had a little scare that Jeff had lost his papers saying he was an ordained pastor, but thankfully he got it all worked out. He also got word back from Ohio that he can officially marry us. So all good news on that front.

Steph and I are getting really excited. As you can see from the countdown…not to many days left. Still a lot to do, but both of our parents are being amazing and helping us a ton. We are so blessed to have parents that care about making this a wedding we envision.

That should be it for now…but look for more news soon.

All the best,


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  1. Happy to hear all is well in your world! I have been thinking about you 2 and have prayed for you this week. See you Soon!

    love robin

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