LA Day 2

So no video’s today. Sorry. Perhaps tomorrow. I do have pictures though. Here is what my view looks like from my hotel during the middle of the day.

Anyway. Today we ran the robot some, tried to solve some problems then came back and did some work from the room. Nothing spectacular, just the life of a robot wrangler.
So…I feel bad. I feel really bad. The reason I feel bad is because it is 3 1/2 weeks till the wedding, and I have left my beautiful bride to be high and dry. She is being so awesome and amazing and trying to work through the small details that are needed to make the whole thing come together, and she is doing a lot of it by herself. Like I said, she is awesome and amazing and doing a great job, but even she gets stressed and bogged down at times. And I feel bad. I am not there to be with her to console her, help her, talk with her. I am some 2,000 miles away. And once again, Steph is awesome and understands that because of where our company is in our life, travel is necessary. She toughs it out. Puts on a brave face. And accepts it with such grace. She doesn’t like it, but she understands.
I feel bad mainly because I stink at communicating. I spend a lot of my time on the road trying to help Steph accomplish different things for the wedding, when actually all she needs is someone to listen. And I am supposed to be there and just listen and hear her. But I don’t because my mind is focused on accomplishing tasks. That is where I fail so often. Just listening and not trying to move forward on things. I need to be better.
Like I said earlier, Steph is awesome. She knows how my mind works and she understands when I get focused on things. And I love her for that and so many more reasons. She knows me… She really knows me… And she accepts me as I am, but pushes me to be better. And that’s what I want to be…Better.
Enough rambling through my thoughts tonight. I will catch ya’ll on the flip side.

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