LA Day 3

This is my view each morning at 5:45 AM…Pretty cool huh?

Well another day down. Only a few more days till I am back in my baby’s arms in Indy. I can’t wait 🙂 (Steph would tell me to insert a smiley there).

So I have eaten more different food the past 3 days than I have in the past 3 years. We are staying near an area my Taiwanese co worker “Jacky” (actually is name is Her-Jay, but who can say that) said is called little Tai Pei. So all the restaurants and store fronts have signs in Chinese characters. I have eaten real authentic chinese food the past 2 days, although tonight I said I needed a break and we had mexican. Anyway, Jacky wants to go to the market tomorrow to get some things to take back home. He said I am going to see some really weird stuff, so I will be sure to take a camera with me. Should be exciting.
I am really looking forward to this coming weekend. Steph and I are going to Cincinnati to get some wedding things done and hopefully just enjoy being together and with her family. It should be a great time. Oh, and Notre Dame plays. So hopefully they win.
Well, I should probably go to bed. I took a nap this afternoon, and am not really tired, but I know I need the sleep since I get up so darn early. So…Goodnight people.

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