WEATHER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those of you who are attending and actually read this blog, which is probably like 5 people (including our parents), the weather being great for our wedding is a big deal. That is because the ceremony and reception is outside. I repeat, the ceremony and reception are outside.

Steph and I took a big risk with it being outside during the fall because it could always rain, but it also could be really cold. And we didn’t want to be cold. Yes, there is the option for a tent at the venue, but Steph and I really wanted avoid using it because we felt it took away from the beauty that is Krippendorf Lodge and the woods. Steph and I just love the fall and wanted to experience it for our wedding.

And now for the big announcement. It is going to be almost perfect for our wedding. As of right now there is 0% chance of rain. That is for the day of, the day before, and the day after. So we should be good to go as far as rain. Now for the temperature…. It is supposed to be a high of 71°F and a low of 49°F. So I figure at 6:30 for the ceremony it will be around 68°F or so and for the dinner it will be in the low 60’s or upper 50’s.

So…It is going to be almost perfect and has made Steph and I really happy and excited. We can’t wait. So spread the word to the people who are coming…you might want to bring a jacket and dress accordingly. We will have a couple fire pits to keep warm, and the lodge will be heated to keep warm. There will also be a few standing heaters people can get around. Oh, and you can always get on the dance floor to keep warm. That is where Steph and I will be…So we will see you there.

All the best,

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