Sorry for the long delay between posts…we have been sort of busy if you hadn’t guessed. We have some big news….


It is official. On October 8th, 2010, Stephanie Marie West was married to Justin Christopher Kime. It truely was a “Once Upon a Kime Time” Wedding. Everything went so well and came together so beautifully. Steph and I will have more on the wedding day and then the honeymoon in some future posts. Way to much info for just one post.

So…ya, we are married. We are living together and settling into our lives. We got Digby from my parents this past weekend, so as my neighbor put it this morning, “The family is together finally.” We are both getting used to living with each other still. I freak out every once in a while trying to make things perfect for her and us, and she is there to help try to calm me down and tell me to take things slow and enjoy it.

Like I said, there will be lots of posts and pictures and even videos from different things that have happened over the past few weeks. We both have been in this wedding whirlwind and are just now coming down, so we should have more time to post soon. Thanks for being patient and waiting on bated breath for our first blog post, post marriage. Talk soon…

All the best,

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