IT’S ABOUT KIME TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOOK AT THE COUNTDOWN…. Not to much longer. I am getting more and more excited with each passing day. I absolutely can not wait to be married to Steph. And not only that, I can’t wait to take a vacation with her. The wedding day will be great and I know Steph and I will both love every moment of it, but I think we are both secretly more excited to start our lives together on a vacation. We are excited to take our first true vacation together, to not have a care in the world except to just be with each other and focus on each other. I think that is what we are secretly excited for.

We met with Jeff and Adrienne for one final time last night before we say I do and it was so awesome to talk with them. They have been so generous with their wisdom and knowledge that they have gained over the years. Their openness and honesty and willingness to help Steph and I get started in the right direction has been amazing. Steph and I cannot thank them enough and we can’t wait to have Jeff be the one who marries us. It means so much to have Jeff do the wedding because we know he has a vested interest in us and he wants to be a part of our lives.
All the best,

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