Leading up to the wedding day – From Justin’s Perspective

I suppose I should write all this down so I can try to capture all that went on and all the feelings I had leading up to the wedding day and on the actual day itself. So here goes nothing….

Everyone kept telling to take my time, to relax and take in everything that is happening with regards to the wedding. They say this because they know from their own experience, it flew by. I now can say I completely understand what they are saying. I still can’t wrap my head around everything that transpired those last few weeks.

Steph and I put so much time and effort into planning the thing that we didn’t have time to really slow down. Ya, we had about a night a week that we set aside to not do any wedding stuff, but even during those evenings we would talk about something that was related to it. We just wanted to make the wedding the best representation of us that we could.

So when it came to the day before, I couldn’t stop thinking about all the things that had to get done. We had to set up the venue and run through rehearsal. My mind just kept going 1000 mph and it didn’t take a break. The whole set up and rehearsal was a blur. I remember driving to the rehearsal dinner with Steph and just feeling my heart pounding and feeling out of breath. I was on such and adrenalin high.

Eventually I was able to calm down a bit and enjoy an awesome dinner with our friends and family. It was great to have everyone in the room just anticipating what was about to happen. The dinner was at McCormick and Schmicks downtown Cincinnati. It overlooked Fountain Square and was just a really cool spot to have the rehearsal. My parents did a great job picking a place.

After dinner I wanted to have a little time with Steph where we could just talk and see how each other was doing, because we hadn’t really done that at all the past few days. So we spent 30 min or so just talking to each other in the parking garage of the hotel. I really needed that time with Steph to just decompress and talk with her. I gave her gift to her then as well. It was one of our engagement pictures put on canvas with a quote.

The quote says “A smile is the light in the window of your face that tells people you’re at home.” I just loved that quote.

We then went our separate ways and I wouldn’t see her again till the next day when I saw her in her dress. More about that in the next post…

All the best,

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