So this is what you do when you are married?

It’s Friday night.


And guess what we did on our Friday evening…We painted the kitchen and cleaned. Yep, I think we are officially married.

So a little background first…

Steph and I have wanted to make our house a home and so we are slowly trying to do things to make it that way. We decided a good way to start was to paint the kitchen. Now, for those of you who haven’t been to our home, our kitchen has been a bright yellowish orangish color. I never had a problem with it because well, I am a guy and don’t really care about paint, as long as it doesn’t look ridiculous. Welp, the color didn’t sit well with Steph, and I don’t blame her. So we painted…

The color we have chosen is called Eucalyptus. It is sort of a soft greenish blueish. Steph and I picked the color last weekend knowing I had to go to LA this week and that I wouldn’t be around to actually paint till at least Friday night. That wasn’t good enough for Steph so with a little help from Brittany Hollett (Corey’s girlfriend) they started painting…

I got to come home a day early from LA because the robot needed some upgrade and walked into a house with a newly painted kitchen. Steph and Brittany finished the first coat on the whole kitchen and they did a great job. I was so surprised. I didn’t anticipate them doing that.

I got a call today to show our house tomorrow so Steph and I knew we needed to finish the kitchen tonight and clean up. So that is what we did. And here is the finished product…

We left a little note for the people seeing our house tomorrow explaining why things might look a little odd (especially our bedroom which have paint samples all over the walls). Those chalkboards are really coming in handy….ha.

Yep, that’s how we spent our Friday night. We are married, and we are loving it.

All the best,

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