The Holidays

A funny thing happens when you get married and the holidays come up. People want to know who gets the short end of stick. They ask, “So, who’s family are you spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with?” They ask this because they know this can always cause conflict and can turn into an argument. This can happen especially if your families live in two different locations, like ours do.

So when people asked me about this they were stunned to hear that Steph and I already had this worked out and had a system in place. One that we could both live with and be happy. Last year we spent Thanksgiving at my parents and Christmas with her parents. We also went to my parents for New Year’s so that we could do Christmas with them. So this year it has flipped.

I think this system will work for us for quite a while. Where I can see this starting to get complicated is when we start to have kids (which will be a long while from now) and when our siblings get married and have kids. Steph doesn’t like family gatherings as much when the whole family isn’t there. So I can forsee this becoming more difficult when we get older. But my secret plan for when that happens is that people can just come to us… I figure if we have young kids we don’t have to travel, right? Haha.

I don’t think it will really work out that way, but then again, I don’t think it needs to. The great thing about this time of year is that as long as you are with people you care about and people you love, no matter who they are (friends, family, neighbors, whoever…), you can be happy and share in some special moments. This time of year is great because there is always a common bond and unity that keeps us all together no matter who we are with are where we spend the holidays.

I hope everyone has a great holiday season. Know that even if Steph and I aren’t around you physically, we are still thinking about you and care.

With that, Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

All the best,

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