I have thought about writing a lot lately. It all started Steph suggested we each journal on this latest work trip. We were given a journal as a wedding present from Jeff and Adrienne Reichanadter, the couple that did our pre-marital counseling and Jeff married us. We have yet to use it just because we are still trying to figure out our rythms in life, but we are using it this week. Well actually I have it and Steph is going to staple her pages in.

But this got me thinking, I don’t write. I mean, I write on here at times. But a lot of what I write on here is surface level stuff, updates on our lives and such. I don’t often write about deep things. I don’t write down things I am feeling or that I am thinking.

Here’s what I have learned though…I NEED TO DO IT. I just got the feeling as I did it this morning that I was being intentional about my life. I was processing and thinking through how I feel or what is going on. So often I don’t take time to just stop and think or write. I live a life that is fast and doesn’t stop for much. But I need to stop and reflect.

It just felt good this morning to write down my thoughts, to process through things. So I think I am going to get a jump on the whole new years resolution thing and start now. I want to journal and slow down to write more next year and beyond. I am almost certain that this will help me in addition to helping Steph’s and my relationship continue to grow and get stronger. On occasion some of my journaling will jump into this blog, but I am hoping that by journaling a lot of what I write will be deep and personal and have meaning to just myself and Steph.

So ask me about it sometime…Ask me how I am doing in my journaling and make sure I am doing it. I have this bad habit of trying to start a habit and breaking it before I really make it a habit. So keep me accounatable, because I need it.

All the best,

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