A sick household

So here’s something I learned today…When you get sick, most likely your marriage partner will get sick as well. That is the case in the Kime house today.

I started to feel a little sick on Tuesday. You know, it was the usual symptoms…sore throat, feeling a little cold. Steph took care of me that evening and I started to feel better. Wednesday was good, but Thursday and Friday my throat was sore again.

Yesterday Steph started to feel a little sick and that got me a little worried. We went to the Butler game last night but were worn out afterwards. We came back home after the game, did our devotional and went to sleep at around 10:00. Pretty sad for a Friday night.

We both woke up this morning feeling awful and we didn’t want to do anything. We attempted to be a little productive by going out to some stores, but that really wore us out. We have been on the couch ever since we got home, roughly 4 hours now. We are trying to regain some strength so we can stay up and watch the colts game tonight.

It stinks when both people are sick. Nothing gets done. We just sit and whine to each other about how we feel. Sometimes it is a competition to see how can feel the sickest.

From here on out I think when one person gets sick, that person should be quarantined to Digby’s room and not allowed to come out until they feel better. That way, one person will always be able to take care of the house and the dog, the important stuff.

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