Our first Valentine’s Day together

I LOVE MY WIFE!!!!Yep…Simple as that. She is amazing and I can’t describe how much she means to me. We only got to spend an hour together this morning before I had to jet off, but I loved it. This was the first Valentine’s Day we have actually been physically together since we have been together.
Yesterday we went out to dinner at Harry and Izzy’s and were pleasantly surprised to find out they do the Devour Downtown menu on Sundays for the entire year. For those of you who don’t know what Devour Downtown is you are missing out. Basically all of the restaurant’s downtown have special menus where you get a 3 course meal for $30 per person. Some places do a 3 course meal for $30 for two people. Basically you are getting an amazing deal and get to try out some cool places you usually couldn’t afford. Twice a year they do this, once during the winter and once during the summer. It is amazing.
Anyway, my beautiful wife and I went there and ate like kings. It was awesome and we had a great time just conversing and slowly enjoying each others company. Then we got home and she gave me the best gift ever…. A card. Her words mean so much and she is such a good writer that it is truly the best gift I could have asked for. She is simply Amazing…that sums it all up.

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