A walk through the woods at Holliday Park

So we’ve had a much-needed, relaxing time this weekend. We’ve spent most of the weekend doing odds and ends around the house, playing with Dig, and watching Season 3 of the Big Bang Theory. All of which equates to a pretty relaxing weekend.

Saturday evening we decided to venture out to Holliday Park to take Digby for a walk. I took pictures during our walk so I thought I’d share some here. I have to admit, I had the ISO set wrong so that pictures are pretty grainy/noisy. Some of them kind of look like their out of focus, but that’s mostly because the ISO was set wrong. Lesson learned. πŸ™‚

Digby swimming in the White River… he LOVES water!

Very grainy… and out of focus but I still love this picture. I like to think that Digby is “smiling” as he plays in the water πŸ™‚

So that was our time at Holliday Park. We’re trying to visit a new park every weekend for the next couple of weeks (until we run out of parks in Indy!)… then I think our goal is just to take Dig somewhere new place around Indy, or to an already-visited park every weekend. We say we’re doing it for Digby, but we’re also doing it for ourselves. It gets us out-and-about with Digby AND forces us to go new places… and hopefully capture those experiences through pictures πŸ™‚

Our trip to a park two weekends ago was to Eagle Creek State Park in Indy. I took pictures there as well so I’ll have to post those soon. I have quite a bit of pictures to post up here… we’re a little behind!

And for those of you that have asked about “Digby’s trick of the week” …stay tuned! We’re not promising that it will be a new trick every week, but we’ll try to get something cool that he does posted on here. If it’s not his “trick of the week,” I promise that it will at least be a cool picture of Digby πŸ™‚

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