Are we bad “parents”?

I used to be so strict…

This would have never happened when I first got Digby.  It wouldn’t have happened anytime within the past year.  Slowly but surely Digby has worn us down.  He gets to lick from ice cream bowls, he gets table scraps every now and then, he even gets to get up on the bed occasionally.

I don’t know if we are getting lazy or if we are just becoming suckers for his cute looks playful nature.  I think we have started to create a monster though.

Digby now thinks all the time is play time.  He used to just lay around while Steph and I were watching a movie.  Now he wants our attention.  He wants to get on the couch, wants us to throw the ball, or wants us to come outside.  He now always asks to get up on the bed or tug on a rope with him.  He is always at our feet in the kitchen.  He is good when you tell him to get out, but he somehow creeps back in the middle of things.

We need to be better and more disciplined…but it is just so easy to give in.

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