The Search For All Things “Christmas-y” in Cincinnati: Eden Park

Yesterday we decided to venture out in Cincinnati to find the most “Christmas-y” things that we could. We were pleasantly surprised by all of the fun things we found to do. Not only were all of the things that we did fun, but they were all FREE – which was part of the fun challenge for us. We ended up only paying $9.50 in parking, and considering all of the places that we went, that was pretty good.

Below are pictures from our first stop: Eden Park.

Eden Park is just outside of Mt. Adams at the top of a hill that overlooks the city and the Ohio River. It’s a beautiful little park. It’s usually really fun when it’s super cold and all water is frozen. You’ll frequently find children and parents, alike, skating in their shoes on the frozen ponds. However, considering that it was 35 -40 degrees yesterday, there wasn’t anyone skating on any ponds. The weather was actually great for us to spend so much time outside – we were cold, but not frozen, which was nice. Maybe next time we can skate on ponds… :)

View of the river and bridge from Eden ParkDowntown Cincinnati from Eden Park

Justin Viewing the RiverJustin, Dad, Mom and Kate looking at downtown

Justin and I with the river in the backgroundJustin & I with the bridge and river in the background

Mom and Dad with river in background Mom and Dad with river in background

Close up of mom and dad… love the height difference :) Close up of mom and dad

Sweet baby sister with the Ohio River in the backgroundSweet baby sister

Winter Foliage in Eden ParkWinter Foliage

One of the ponds at Eden Park. These are the ponds that normally are frozen this time of year and people skate on them :)
The ponds at Eden ParkBridge at Eden Park

Kate on the Bridge and Justin venturing aroundKate on the Bridge and Justin venturing around

Kate being sillyKate being sillyWe had fun at our first stop at Eden Park. I was glad that we got to take Justin there because it’s beautiful little park and is especially pretty in the winter when there’s snow.

We spent probably 20 minutes at Eden, then ventured over to the manager scene at the Krohn Conservatory. Pictures of that can be found in the next post about Krohn Conservatory :)

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