The Search For All Things “Christmas-y” in Cincinnati: Krohn Conservatory

In our search for all things “Christmas-y” in Cincinnati, our second stop after Eden Park was Krohn Conservatory to see the nativity scene.

Every year, Krohn has this beautiful nativity scene with a cow, donkey, sheep, and life size statues of the Mother Mary, Father Joseph, Baby Jesus, Shepherd and three wisemen (or Magi). I think this may have been may favorite part. As we viewed each part of the manger scene, I was reminded of each week of advent and the stories I’ve been telling my kindergarteners and first graders each week at church (Justin and I serve in our church’s Children’s Ministry. We love teaching and love all of the children in our class!) Anyway, I feel like this year I am more amazed by the Mystery of Christmas than ever. The life size nativity scene was a beautiful reminder of this great mystery – the child that was born in Bethlehem… the child who would change everything.

After we saw the nativity scene, my dad drove us up through Mt. Adams. Mt. Adams is a very old part of town with fun restaurants and bars. It’s very historic and sits on top of the closest hill that overlooks the city. We had fun hearing about it from our tour guide named “Dad.” 🙂

After we were finished driving through Mt. Adams, we headed over to The Cincinnati Museum Center. Justin had never been and we wanted to show him this incredible building. More pictures of The Cincinnati Museum Center can be found in the next post.


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