New Years Eve 2011

This past New Years Eve we found ourselves bowling with friends – which is exactly what we did the year before that. I think I might see a tradition in the making? Hopefully we can carry this on again next year, because its always a great time.
Here are a few snapshots from that evening with our friends:

After bowling we headed over to the Roaches so that the guys could play some ping pong and we could all watch the ball drop. Everyone (or a good chunk of us) held money in our hands – and old “tradition” that my family always does on New Years Eve. It’s one of those wives tales: If you hold money in your hand at midnight on NYE, then you’ll have good fortune in the upcoming year. I don’t really believe that, but it’s just something fun to do none the less! Thanks, mom and dad, for the fun traditions! I’ve shared them with the Kime friends and family 🙂

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