[35 Weeks] Note to Baby

35 Weeks Pregnant

Dear Baby Kime,

I love you so so much already and I absolutely cannot wait to meet you… but in order to keep it all that way, could you please stop kicking me in the same spot every time? My diaphragm has been takin’ a beating. And no, you do not get to hide in my ribs… nice try, Little One. Maybe consider moving like an inch left or right. That might help your momma’s back to stop hurting, too. And while we’re at it, let’s slowly start working on that decent. I’ll have more room to breathe and you’ll be happier, too. Promise.

Counting down the days and can’t wait to meet you…

Love, Mom

P.S. Even if you don’t listen to me and my selfish requests, I still love you so SO much and your dad and I are anxiously awaiting your arrival. Keep on baking in there… and maybe consider making your grand appearance a day or two (or three) early. 🙂

P.S.S. I don’t know what you’ve done to me, but I just had my first wild and crazy pregnancy food craving: Chinese. I DO NOT LIKE Chinese food… but I was craving it so badly last night, so we had it for dinner… and then again for lunch today. I think you made your daddy happy since we NEVER order Chinese food and he likes it. 🙂 You’re already such a wonderful little blessing to us!

And for those interested, here’s what 35 weeks pregnant with Baby Kime looks like…

35 Weeks Pregnant
35 Weeks Pregnant

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  1. Steph,
    LOVE IT! You make me cry and laugh at the same time. Can’t wait to see you Tuesday.

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